More Control, Less Hassle

By using Hobby Logistics Distribution services, you will be placing your company is in complete control to decide which of your products are made available to the North/South America and Canadian Markets, how much stock is maintained to fill demand, what price your products are sold for, and what type of marketing and advertising is needed to make your business here successful. Below is a listing of customizable services to fit your brands needs:

Importing, Warehousing, and Inventory Management

Choosing Hobby Logistics as your Distributor gives you the ability to ship to your customers in North/South America and Canada quickly direct from our Champaign IL warehouse, without the large expense and complexity of managing your own dedicated office.

From Importing and Distribution, to Brand Management and Support, the experienced staff at Hobby Logistics can support your brand, and help you grow your business.

Order Fulfillment by Hobby LogisticsTM

Order Fulfillment by Hobby LogisticsTM provides our Logistics customers with quick access to your products and eliminate the sale blocking/cost prohibitive import shipment costs, making you more sales to more potential customers.

With Order Fulfillment by Hobby LogisticsTM you can increase your sales profits by eliminating the higher margins required by most distributors, or you can reduce your product pricing to the market to increase your sales volume.

Additional Services available to Hobby Logistics Customers

Marketing and Brand Management

Would you like to advertise your products to the USA market, but do not have the capability to produce convincing and professional advertisements? We can help. Hobby Logistics specialized marketing staff can create professional ads and help with strategic ad placements based on your target customer to help maximize your sales.

Product Support and Repair Services

The key to successful sales in the USA market is the offering of local product support for technical questions and warranty claims. Hobby Logistics is staffed with trained experienced modelers and customer service representatives that can work with your customers to offer unmatched support for your products

Retail Sales

All Hobby Logistics customers are also offered the opportunity to have your products offered for sale to the retail market through our world-famous retail sales division As a Hobby Logistics customer, your products will receive top level feature presentations to further enhance your ability to grow your sales world-wide. By selling through, your products will immediately be made available to tens of thousands of current Advantage Hobby customers.

Dealer Sales

Starting a dealer network in the America's can be both difficult, and expensive. Hobby Logistics Sales Department can help you to build your dealer sales quickly by providing your company with dealer sales via our 350+ dealer network, telemarketing, and after sale support to service.

Would you like more Information?

To find out more about our great selection of services, and to request a custom designed Importing, Distribution, or Logistics plan to fit your company's needs, please visit our "Contact Us" page.